Owners shouldn’t shave their dog’s fur in the heat, despite common belief

Owners shouldn’t shave their dog’s fur in the heat, despite common belief

If you own a dog with a thick fur coat, you may be tempted to shave it all off in the heat – but robbing your pet of their natural cooling system can actually lead to overheating, discomfort and sunburn. Dr Karlien Heyrman, head of pets at Pets at Home is warning owners to hold the clippers this UK heatwave.

Dr Heyrman told the Mirror: “Your dog’s coat actually adjusts naturally to help support them during the summer months – that’s why we’d never recommend getting it clipped off just because it’s hot outside! How often your pet needs to be trimmed depends on their breed.

“For example, dogs with fast-growing hair like poodles will need a trim every six to eight weeks, regardless of the weather.

“While other dogs such as cockapoos may need to be clipped short in the warmer months as they have a thick coat that generally doesn’t moult.

“You should always leave grooming to a trained professional as they know exactly how to treat your dog based on their breed and coat type, as well as how to keep them safe.

“But there are some simple steps pet owners can also take to look after their dog’s coat, and keep them cool and comfortable in the hot weather.”

Brush your dog regularly
Help your dog to stay as cool as possible by brushing them regularly each week to get rid of excess shed hair.

Keep up regular grooming
You may want to consider having your dog trimmed at a professional grooming salon, like The Groom Room at Pets at Home, so their coat is short but neat for the warmer months.

A professional groom will also keep their paws tidy and trim to help them stay cool, as well as prevent painful matting which can happen more often when the air is humid.

Apply sun cream
Dogs can get sunburn, just like we can, especially on vulnerable areas like their nose, ears, or if they have pale fur.

Pet-friendly sun cream is essential for dogs during the summer to help protect their skin, but remember you should only use a specialist sun cream product that has been designed for your pet.

Consider other cooling methods
There are lots of cooling products available to help keep pets cool during the warmer months, so consider providing cooling toys, cooling vests or a gel-filled cooling mat to help pets chill out.